E-Learning Application Manager

NetKnowledgy's core product is its E-Learning Application Manager (EAM). This is a middleware application that provides administrative and other staff with a web-based interface for managing online courses and integration between learning management systems and institutional systems.

Features include:

  • Course-cycle
    Can be customised to meet your business requirements around course request, approval, creation, release, backup and archive.
  • Institutional structure
    Arrange courses according to your institutional structure, categories and terms. Map these to LMS groupings as appropriate.
  • Student cohorts
    Flexible selection of student cohorts utilising data from your student system - select students based on any criteria and combine these as needed. Control access based add, access, end and archive dates, implement different drop actions based on census date or other criteria.
  • Staff
    Add staff to your LMS using data from your human resources system, add staff to their courses on creation and allow staff to manage other staff according to their LMS, institutional or EAM roles.
  • Non-institutional users
    Allow adding and LMS enrolment of non-institutional users according to your business rules.
  • Reporting
    Collect additional course data such as online mode and course classification and report on all data using your classifications and institutional structure.
  • Permissions and roles
    Fully flexible permissions and role structure allowing the definition of your own roles and access rights within EAM.
  • LMS integration
    Batch or real-time updating, gradebook populating.
  • Email notifications
    Automatically email staff on key events such as course creation and student enrolment changes.

In use at institutions with various student information systems, including Callista, PeopleSoft, StudentOne and internally developed.

Sub-components have also been deployed in non-web environments for managing course creation and student system integration.