We want our application to be accessed via HTTPS with a valid certificate.

Go to Security, Identity & Compliance - Certificate Manger.

  • Request a certificate
  • Choose Request a public certificate and click Request a certificate
  • Enter your Domain name, Next
  • DNS validation, Review
  • Confirm and Request

In DNS, AWS will have something like:

 Domain Name	Record Name	Record Type	Record Value
 caliper.netkno.com	_49fe7ffd983f9b18919cf95fa8ec7ea8.caliper.netkno.com.	CNAME	_da8a20a2b3f743fe45e7da4751b4d0d6.tljzshvwok.acm-validations.aws.

For Certificate Validation, in our DNS provider, we create as a subdomain of netkno.com:

 Hostname  Type  Data
 _49fe7ffd983f9b18919cf95fa8ec7ea8.caliper  CNAME  _da8a20a2b3f743fe45e7da4751b4d0d6.tljzshvwok.acm-validations.aws.

Before trying to use the certificate, wait for validation to be completed.